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Read This before Getting Your Next Phone Card Online

The convenience of online shopping has resulted in the easy online availability of all goods and services and the list includes prepaid phone cards as well. However, going by the universal law that there is no system in the world which is fool-proof, there are certain precautions which one must adhere to in order to indulge in online shopping particularly with regards to phone cards.

While buying phone cards online, one must keep the following tips in mind so as to avoid landing up at the wrong side of a bad deal:

  • Due to the low start-up costs, the market has been flooded by a number of phone card providers many of which cheat on customers by successfully selling worthless cards and this is particularly true in case of online websites for phone cards. Therefore, an individual who plans to make an online purchase of a phone card should only do so from a reputable service provider even if it means letting go of a few attractive rates.
  • While buying an online phone card from an unknown vendor, one must first buy a phone card with a small denomination so as to judge the performance as well as the quality of service of the company and then only move on to phone cards with higher denominations.
  • Many online service providers offer a virtual phone card for calling which may have a processing fee attached to it and hence this should be clarified while making a purchase itself.

In case one does get cheated while buying an online phone card, the first step is to talk to the company and resolve the issue by seeking arbitration from the International Prepaid Communications Association. If the matter does not get resolved, then justice can be sought by approaching the higher echelons of justice.

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