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Cadet Street

When you get out of the Hollande Hotel, you find yourself in rue de Cadet, in the 9th district of Paris. A charming street filled with stores that exist since the 17th century.

At the time is was called rue de la Voirie, but today it takes it's name from a man called Cadet de Chambrine, former owner of the land where rue de Cadet sits on today. In 1910 the metro station Cadet was built right at the beginning fo the street.

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The street is filled with restaurants, bars, stores. A delight for daily shopping.

One of the most popular spots in the street is Le Lizarran. A really nice restaurant with a good atmosphere, especially great if you like music. With Jazz in your ears and tapas in your mouth, you can't help but enjoy life with a kicking Ol !

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