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L'Oreal Infallible - The Super Slim 12H Liquid Eyeliner REVIEW

Normally, I use a gel pot of eyeliner and apply it with an angled brush because I am terrible at applying it with pencils or markers or whatever. When I saw the commercial for the L'Oreal Infallible liquid eyeliner, it looked so easys to use. So I picked up when I saw it at Target for around 8 bucks.

The packaging of the product is really nice. It's about the same size of a pencil, so I find it pretty easy to use. It even has a little grippy part where you hold it.

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The precise felt tip helps if you're trying to do intricate liner. You can get all sorts of different size strokes depending on how you angle the marker. I like it because it's really easy to do just a thin line above my lash. If I want it thicker, I just build it up, or angle the marker more. It's also great when it comes to winged liner.

The package says the product lasts twelve hours, but that isn't the case for me. I say it lasts about 7-8 hours. And it's definitely not waterproof at all. (the package doesn't claim that it is, but I'm just saying) If you we're to go in the rain, sweat, or cry, it will smear. If you have really oily skin I don't think it would be that great of a product for you.

All in all, I probably wouldn't buy this again. It's not a bad eyeliner, but I've seen and used better. I do like it because it's so quick and easy to put on if I'm in a rush or if I'm just running out. But I wouldn't wear it if I was doing something where I wanted it to last long.

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