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A TV with Amazing Features

The television world is one of the fastest developing ones and has undergone serious modifications and improvisations of late due to the advents of new technologies day by day. They have become slimmer and sleeker as the years passed by and also consumes less energy, or what you call the electric power. From the huge looking and heavy Cathode ray tube televisions to the ultra slim LED TVs, lots and lots of improvements have been made. Sharp, which is one of the better producers of television sets, has now launched it's new LED television, theSharp Aquos LC46LE600E.

The semiconductor devices and electronic engineering have now spread their kingdom by lately entering the television sets. The light emitting diodes or the LEDs are now the talk of the town since they have completely changed the way TVs look and work. A new dimension is now added inside the televisions so that you can now watch three dimensional pictures. As everyone knows that the three dimensional pictures look far more lively and natural when compared to their two dimensional counterparts, it can be said that the LED TVs are more natural in the way of displaying the pictures. TheSharp Aquos LC46LE600E LED TVhas in it the above technology in order to make it a wonderful and also a lucrative television. Let us move on to the prime aspects of the Aquos LE600E and find out what are those factors that make this TV so demanding in the market.

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Even a school boy now tells you that most of the LED TVs are slimmer than his notebooks. The advent of the LEDs meant that there is no need of great space. These simple diodes require very less space unlike the cathode ray tubes, which command a world of space. Hence the outcome of this is that the TVs are slenderised to the maximum extent possible. The Aquos LE600E has not disappointed it's users at all when it comes to the design part. Almost perfectly sleek design and moreover the overall balancing of it is a commendable effort put in by Sharp. Measuring about 1099 x 688 x 93.2 mm andweighing about 23.5 kg, it shows you how slim and portable it is. Moreover, the gloss black colour of it looks very cool and the little blue tint right at the bottom makes the design look even more attractive. Nothing too flashy is done with the design and colour combination, and this means that the television can easily fit into any kind of atmosphere.


TheLC46LE600E has a screen size of 46and is also available in 40 and 32. As discussed earlier, the display system is LED. This means that the screen is LCD and this is backlit with the light emitting diodes or the LEDs. In the normal case, this meant that the screen is lit with all the diodes concentrated at one position, that is, the central part of the screen. Hence, the lighting was not uniform and this was clearly evident from the display. The brightness and the colour contrast faded gradually. This also meant that the TVs we're not having very good viewing angles. But, Sharp came up with a good idea of spreading these LEDs. Hence, the Aquos LE600E is uniformly lit and therefore there is nothing like fading of pictures at the corners and the edges of the screen.

Thus, now the TV has very good viewing angles and so you can watch high quality pictures with pretty much the same luminosity at all the points of the screen. And also along with this, thebrightness of the screen is quoted to be 45 cd / m2, with almost the same levels in all the areas of the screen. This is pretty good for an LED TV. Hence, it can be concluded that almost everything is good about the display of the Aquos LE600E and you will also be comfortable watching it.


TheAquos LC46LE600E 46-inch LED Televisioncomes with a few features that catch the attention of the buyers. These features are such that an unbiased customer will shift towards this TV after having an idea of it's features. Although there is not much of a difference between the conventional LCD and these new LED televisions, a few alterations make these LED televisions a little better and hence they have an edge over their LCD counterparts. Let us peek into each of the features and applications of the Sharp Aquos LE600E.


TheAquos LE600E comes with a 100 MHz processoror simply, an engine that drives the display process of the TV. This is pretty good for a processor and also 100 MHz means that the pictures look great and they also smoothly blend into each other. This happens so perfectly that the motion of the pictures looks very elegant and almost every time, you feel that you are watching a movie. The processor also eliminates unnecessary disturbances and picture blurs and hence gives you a great viewing experience. This may not be a unique feature of the Aquos LE600E since there are many other brands in the market that have a 100 MHz processor for their televisions, be them LED or LCD. But the way it modifies and beautifies the pictures on the TV is so impressive. You almost get impeccable pictures every time you switch on the Aquos.

Stupefying Contrast:

The colour contrast of theAquos LE600E Full HD LED TVis pretty much on the higher side and the special contrast feature that this TV has is responsible for making the videos look more natural and colourful. This feature means that the television can produce almost all the colours. Although this may seem normal, this feature is not so common among the normal televisions. Many televisions cannot produce all the colours with great vividness. But the Aquos LE600E can do it easily. The Aquos LC46LE600E proudly claims that it has a contrast ratio of a staggering 2,000,000:1. And also added to this, the illumination is almost uniform all over the screen and is stays constant for up to 90 percent of the original contrast, even after a long time. This fabulous feature is only possible with the use of LEDs and Sharp has almost used them perfectly.

Super Green:

This is a unique feature introduced by Sharp in order to produce greater display and image quality. This one is nothing but just a combination of LED backlights and an X GEN panel that produces great picture quality while consuming minimum power. When you compare this latest technology with the one that is used in the LCD televisions, this one looks a lot better. While the LCD televisions use something called the CCFL backlight system, the LED TVs use the LED and in particular, the Super Green combination that is used in the Aquos LE600E is far better in producing great backlight even while consuming very low power. Hence this turns out to be a wonderful finding for Sharp and it will definitely be appreciated.

Good Interfaces:

For any electronic device that comes out nowadays, the ports or the interfaces are required in order to increase the range of utility and to make life more comfortable. The more are the interfaces, the more is the entertainment. When it comes to the Sharp Aquos LC46LE600E, there are a good number of interfaces that help you connect to different electronic devices and synchronise with them in order to exchange data. You can connect to a computer, a DVD player and also to an external audio system like either the 5.1 or the 7.1 channel audio system and so on. Sufficient number of ports and interfaces make the Aquos more useful than ever.


Another good facility provided by Sharp is that you can connect the Aquos LE600E to your computer and then exchange media between them. There is a separate cable that is provided to you along with the TV in the kit. All you need to do is just plug the cable in both the sockets and you will find that the computer is synced with the TV. Sharp has stated that it has made synchronisation simpler by providing various syncing options. This means that connection to your PC became simpler and faster. The only thing that is missing here is the WLAN facility that allows you to connect to the internet. But since this is a new model, we expect that it may soon be added by Sharp.

Thus, as we have seen in this section, the Sharp Aquos LC46LE600E has a wide range of features that enhance the efficiency and usability of the TV. Many of these and the other features are not only user friendly but they are also eco friendly. They consume lesser power than normal, which is the most important aspect because at the end of the day, money is all that matters.


Without any doubt, the LED televisions are expected to give superior performances when compared to their LCD counterparts. Moreover due to the latest technology that has been featured in the Aquos LE600E, the expectations are even higher. Will Sharp be able to produce really sharp images? Well, let us see.

Video Performance:

The Videos look stunning on the Aquos LE600E LED LCD TV. This one can show a great contrast between the colours and particularly between the white and the black, when a normal LCD TV or for that matter, even the conventional LED TV cannot even dream of doing it. Due to the fact that there are multiple LEDs behind the screen, the colour contrast and brightness distribution are uniform and hence the overall video is balanced very nicely. The same performance can never be achieved with a TV that has a single light source. The X Gen Panel is a special feature that you will find in the Aquos LE600E. This enables the light from the sources to fall uniformly and thereby giving an excellent video performance and also a great spectacle especially when you are watching HD movies. Theoptical picture control featurealso adds to the beauty of the pictures on the Aquos LC46LE600E. Since the television is a bit cheaper than normal, Sharp has gone with the second best video technology that is presently available. You will find better video technology on the highly priced TVs from the other companies in the television market. But nevertheless, this second ranked technology is not so old and is also almost as good as the best one. Hence, you get great pictures with the Aquos LE600E.

Audio Performance:

As you would expect from a slim and flat television, like the LED TV, the audio is not that great. It is sad to know the fact that since the TVs are so flat nowadays, there is not much place left for good quality speakers. It must be accepted that at present there is no latest audio technology available that can produce excellent sound quality even while being slim and sleek. But the audio is not that bad. When you look at the other LED TVs in the market, produced by the best of the companies, you will notice that they have similar stories to share. So, there is no other go when it comes to the audio. The sound looks more one dimensional when you are watching movies. This is the only problem but otherwise, the audio is fine.

Hence, it can be said that even though this is not the best performance that an LED TV can give you, it still is a very appreciable effort put in by Sharp in giving the best possible performance within the price range. You can always go for better performing LED TVs from many other companies, but this may cost you a lot. Hence, for a normal user, the Aquos LE600E is more than enough, especially since it is a bit less costly.

Power Consumption:

This is another area where the Sharp Aquos LE600E has gained a lot of attention from the public. When you talk about the LED televisions in particular, theLE600E is claimed to be the least power consuming TVif ever there was one. As the TV has to maintain it's slim body, it consumes less energy and works efficiently, just like us human beings. With a power consumption of just 89 W, the Aquos LC46LE600E is very eco friendly and also pretty much very monetarily friendly since it saves you lots of bucks. It consumes even lesser power when it is in the off mode, wherein the power consumption drops to almost zero. All this stuff is due to the fact that the LED lights do not need much electricity for their working. The TV is also made of fewer materials that cause harm to both the environment and human beings, like mercury. To achieve this, Sharp has applied for the European Commissions EU Eco label. So, your pocket stays a little heavier all the time.

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