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Stacie Fox

Stacie Fox lives in Waterdown Ontario and loves to spend her time creating wonderful creations at her sewing machine and drafting board.

Every new personality that comes out of her creative room has many layers beyond the obvious. These are beautiful and complicated souls to be cherished by somebody special.


Rosie is a delicate creature. She was made for pampering, afternoon tea, and hand holding walks at twilight.

Don’t be fooled into thinking she is shallow or selfish though. She is a complicated woman with many subtle layers.

Pet peeve: Never ever wear brown and blue together! Actually, don’t wear anything other than red, pink and antique white.


This is Sayla. Although you might not know it to look at her, Sayla is wild at heart!

In her daydreams, she gallops through meadows on her loyal white stallion, cookie crumbs.

In the real world, she spends long hours in her creative room making many wonderful and emotionally complicated little creatures.

Pet peeve: Do not boss this girl around!

Mr. Handsom

Mr. Handsom might be a little rough around the edges, but he’s got a tender heart underneath that gruff exterior.

Most days you can find him toddling around in his garden, or taking his coveted afternoon nap!

Pet peeve: don’t bring up his underbite… He’s VERY sensitive about that.

Erin H

Erin H carries herself with the highest of elegance and grace. Her favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to make a delicious batch of sugar plum cupcakes and drop by to see the neighbors.

Many have called her mysterious, or guarded, but spend a little time with her and you will find she opens up like a beautiful Pandora’s Box.

Pet peeve: people who refuse to speak their mind.

Rodger Dodger

Rodger Dodger is Mr. Handsom’s cousin, twice removed. Rodger Dodger’s greatest aspiration in life is to play Alice in Alice in Wonderland on Broadway!

His friends and family, wanting to be supportive and yet realistic, have never been able to talk him out of it.

Pet peeve: all things practical.

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